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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pest Removal Services

All insects and wildlife species that cause harm in one way or another to humans and their properties are called pests. That term classifies harmful creatures that have to removed from people’s homes. Pest control is an industry that deals with all kinds of stubborn nasties, such as spiders, roaches, ants, bees, wasps, and much more. To make sure you dwell in a safe and healthy residence in Chandler, AZ, you have to call the local professional exterminators as soon as you notice any pest activity inside or outside your house. All Statewide Termite and Pest Control will to the rescue with our efficient and long-lasting approaches.

  • What critters do you eliminate? We help the local community with the successful removal of spiders, pigeons, bees, cockroaches, termites, and rodents. You can also contact us to assist you with bed bug removal, fleas and ant extermination as well.

  • Is your company legit? Yes, our family-owned and operated pest removal business is licensed. That means you can rely on our experts to use the most advanced methods and equipment to help you get rid of your house invaders.

  • Are your techniques safe for babies and small children? Depending on the type of pests we are exterminating, the products we use could be dangerous for young children. So, we always recommend our clients in Chandler, AZ to move their infants and toddlers into another place temporarily.

  • How much do you charge for your pest control services? The final cost of the project depends on many factors. So, we cannot say in advance. Of course, you can always contact All Statewide Termite and Pest Control at (480) 633-2199 for more information on our rates. Don’t worry, we offer free estimates, specials, and discounts, and we charge reasonable rates for our services!

  • Can I call you during the weekends? For your convenience, our team of specialists work on Saturday and Sunday as well but only by appointment.

  • Can I deal with roaches myself? In any pest removal store, you can find a myriad of sprays, baits, and other products and techniques for DIY removal. However, they are not always effective, especially when there is an infestation that has spread. Instead of paying for something inefficient, you better invest your money in a reliable pest control service that will give the desired results.

  • What will you do once you arrive at my property? Our team will inspect your yard and house looking for signs of pest infestation. They will look in each room separately to figure out the scope of the invasion. Afterward, they will treat all the infected areas and provide you with advice on how to prevent future issues.

  • How do I know I need a professional exterminator? More often than not, pests reproduce so fast that before you know it, your home can be under a huge threat. So, as soon as you notice any suspicious activity in the attic, on the roof, or in the kitchen, do not hesitate and contact our company for immediate action with excellent results. Remember, DIY pest removal is not always the best technique you can implement!

  • Do you guarantee your services? Yes! When you call us to exterminate, the pests stay dead! If you have substantial evidence that the pests are still around after 30 days, we will come back to fix it for FREE!